Custom made wooden book slipcases and tray cases.

Show Pride of ownership while protecting your valuable books!

Specialty  Cases
Using your ideas or special requests, these unique cases are for those special books that deserve more than the 'typical' case.

Not all boxes are for books....

Cases for a Lettered  two book edition of
"The Centurys' Best Horror"
Published by

Cemetary Dance

These cases were engraved with one three different images that came from the books art. These cases had both a magnetic closure and a silver latch.

 (left) This display case is made for a UK Set of "Harry Potter".

Made of Aspen stained with Golden Oak and a red felt liner.

(right) Slipcase for "11/22/63"

made of Dark Walnut, red felt liner. Black on Silver metal label and embedded with 1964 Kennedy half-dollar.

  " Lord of the Rings" 
Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien

Custom made display case with felt-lined beds with black velvet pulls for the three books of the Trilogy. Constructed from distressed knotty Cedar with a hinged lid, plexi-glass window and brass hook clasp. Can be used as a table top display (pictured), laying flat or wall hung. Engraved plaque with the title and author -- also engraved with the quote "One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them" 

This case was designed by working in conjunction with a Tolkien Collector in Arizona. If you prefer different quotes, different styles or different concepts feel free to email us at

Custom Tray case for

Stephen King's


  Lined in plush red velvet with simulation of a sewer grate showing the title of the book.

"Dandelion Wine"

Self-locking pivoting lid Tray case -
The same style case is used on

Faux Leather Liner

An enclosed double Slipcase to hold

"The Talisman"and "BlackHouse"
and a Windowed Tray case

"The Stand"