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We have other pricing guidelines for Book Dealers and Publishers.

The table below will give you a good idea of the pricing for a custom case. The additional charges that apply for engraving are quoted for 1 piece of your case engraved. In other words, a title and authors name on the front is 1 piece engraved. A title on the front and a title on the side is two engravings. Engraving prices are quoted for verbiage only. Engraved art will be priced on a case by case basis depending on complexity.   To receive a firm quote, email us at and include the following information.

  • dimensions of the book (length by width by thickness)
  • Style and Type of case
  • Color of wood stain or type of wood
  • Color/Type of Liner
  • Any specific requirements/requests (tray case opening bottom to top; glass fronted Tray Case; etc.)

Our Basic Cases are constructed of Pine, Poplar or Alder. We also have various types of wood available depending on what is in stock. The current choices are: 

  •  Hickory/Pecan;
  • Poplar;
  • Aspen;
  • Maple;
  • Bamboo;
  • Red Oak;
  • White oak;
  • Mahogany;
  • Dark Walnut;
  • Cherry

The pricing in the table below is for a case constructed of 1/2" stock. We include a felt liner at no extra charge.

Base Price
1 piece engraved
Open viewing window
Metal Tag
Felt Liner
Paint (vs clear finish)
Painted Engraving
Oversize Case
Art Insert corners

+ $25

+ $20
+ $10
Tray case
+ $25
+ $25
+ $15
+ $20
+ $10
+ $15

To measure your book, lay it closed and flat on a table in front of you, as if you were going to read it.  If your measurement does not come out to an exact 16th of an inch, round it up to the next 16th to ensure the finished product allows enough room for your book.

Length ~ measure it in inches from top to bottom 
Width ~ measure in inches from side to side. (Make sure you take a 'bulged' spine into account)
Thickness ~ measure in inches from the table to the top of the book.


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Custom made wooden book slipcases and tray cases.

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