Custom made wooden book slipcases and tray cases.

Show Pride of ownership while protecting your valuable books!


Depending on Copyrights, some art can be engraved on the case itself. In other instances, an art piece can be mounted on the inside of the tray case lid.

Viewing Window

Can be used in tray cases to high-light the books art. Round, Oval, Rectangular or Square. Tray Case windows can be open or enclosed in plexiglass.

The Basic Traycase

Image to the left uses a 'lipped' lid. Image to the right uses a flat lid. All Tray Cases include a felt liner and ribbon 'pull'. Both styles use metal hinges on the lid.


We typically use either metal clasps (right) or embedded magnets to hold the tray cases closed.

Inlays and Corner Keys

for a decorative look

The Basic Slipcase

The spine of the book typically shows from the open side. The spine of the case can accommodate a title label. All Cases are lined with felt in your choice of color. 


Can be used on any wood case. The title of the book is normally used, however, any text can be added. That could be a matching limitation number, authors name, owners name, etc.

Some (but not all) art can be engraved or engraved and painted.


Several styles of labeling are available. 'Flex Labeling' (Salems Lot and Under the Dome) are available in several colors with contrasting colors of engraving. Solid labeling (Knowing Darkness) are also available in differing colors.

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Multiple-Book Cases

 Tray cases for multiple books use metal hinges on both sides of the spine.
 Multiple book slip cases use a 'step down' sizer if there are varying sized books.