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There is no better way to enhance your collection of valuable books than with a custom built slip case or tray case. Each of our cases is made by hand in The U.S.A.~ we do not mass produce or import them. We specialize in hand made wooden cases. Every one of our products is made individually, one at a time.

Our cases are made in a simple style.  We normally stain them in warm, natural colors or utilize the woods natural beauty. There is an occasional case that has been painted or painted and engraved.  Custom design, engraving, metallic labeling, specialty liners and viewing windows are among our many options. visit the 'Specialty Cases' page for more ideas.
We have many styles available ...

  • Single and Multiple book open ended Slip case,
  • Hinged top Tray Case with ribbon pull-outs,
  • Sliding top Tray case (the top can be either solid wood or a 'see-through' plastic window),
  • Hinged single or double book Tray cases.
  • Wall hung cases and shelves.

All our cases are lined with one of the many colors of felt that we carry in stock at no charge. Cloth, Velvet and Penne liners are available at an additional cost.

Our cases are made of solid wood, hand cut, assembled and finished.  Our prices vary by size, type of material, complexity, etc. A basic slipcase with no window or engraving starts at $80.00. This is a small price to pay to protect and preserve your valuable First Edition.

We normally have several cases and miscellaneous items available for immediate delivery. Please see the FOR SALE page for these items. Although we specialize in Book Slip Cases and Tray Cases, they can easily be adapted for holding CD's, Corporate Logs, Magazines, etc. Merely supply the dimensions for your product and we'll do the rest.

 Please see our QUOTES page for some of the options we offer or feel free to email us at .  Please be aware that you will be adding 3/4" to 1" to the width and the height that the book takes up on your shelf. Every case is truly unique due to inherent differences in grain pattern and sizing differences of wood.

For a quote on a case for your special book please contact us at info @

OlPro, LLC
Please e-mail to:
info @ bookslipcase . com

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